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Come Join us at our local meetings. Inbetween fun and conventions we still move forward and remain ever responsable to reach out to those who still suffer!
Sabie and Liz are the official Mascots of S.I.S..  I can relate as I felt like a homeless kitten when I arrived is Seaside 28 years ago. Also Like me; They came to us near death, starving, not wanted, little feral kittens . We loved them into health treating them with kindness, love and tolerance as were we when we first came to you.  (They were really wild!) and since then they have brought us much love and the ability to listen to all of Gods critters. Meow is not always just meow!
"Love and Tolerance is our Code"!
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Welcome to S.I.S. (Sober In Seaside) . COM   Sober, Fun in the Oregon Sun!This site is NOT an official 12 Step site of any kind, as it breaks many traditions. We have a lot of people who visit our little slice of heaven all year around. As the Oregon Coast is one of the most spectacular vacation destination spots in America.  Surfing in the cold Pacific Ocean is one of the most challenging sports on Earth. Hiking or beach combing is a must for those that love the ever changing land scape. For those that shop we have some of the most increadable galleries featuring innovative and talented artists from the Pacific Northwest and all over the world. And the FOOD? Yea we have the freshest seafood in the west, you can even catch your own Clams, Salmon Sea Beans Crab and so much more.
  Most of our recovery meetings are held at "THE LITTLE YELLOW HOUSE" in Seaside, OR and with over 3 meetings a day, and 3 AA Conventions a year,  SO, there are no excuses! And during the summer there are smores on the beach on Avenue A after the 8:00pm AA Meeting Come on in and stay awhile, One thing about the Seaside Gang, WE are just as passionate about fun as we are recovery
We are not a glum lot!
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